Recently, many people have been asking me to convert 3d models from certain games. More specifically, to «rip» a 3d model from a game, restore the model into a t-pose, make a skeleton, skin it, etc. I warned that process of ripping 3d models might be very time consuming and difficult, therefore it is not free. Some people refused, many agree. I thought maybe someone that is also would be interested.

task: «rip» a 3d model from a game**
you get: 3d model (not in t-pose) in *.max (v.2008) and *.obj with textures (possibly without uv-coordinates)
cost: 2-15*$ (depending on the complexity of the model and amount of textures)

task: repairing uv-coordinates
you get: 3d model uv-coordinates (not in t-pose) in *.max (v.2008) and *.obj with textures
cost: 8-50*$ (depending on the complexity of the model and amount of textures)

task: putting a 3d model into a t-pose
you get: 3d model in a t-pose in *.max (v.2008) and *.obj with textures (possibly without uv-coordinates)
cost: 20-100*$ (depending on the complexity of the model and amount of textures)

task: skinning a 3d model: making a skeleton of bones or biped (the model must be t-posed)
you get: 3d model in a t-pose with skeleton in *.max (v.2008) and *.obj with textures (possibly without uv-coordinates)
cost: 20-90*$ (depending on the complexity of the model and amount of textures)

The list of tasks list will be expanded later. Send me your suggestions/proposals/tasks to e-mail:
If you want to assist me in writing new articles, tutorials and making new tools, you can also send donations. The preferred method of payment is

* — maximum ceiling price, in some cases may exceed the claimed, the average cost for tasks in 80% of cases is $38 (except the first, and in most cases and the second task)
** — almost any PC game. Games for other platforms (xBox360, PS3, Wii, PSP, iPhone, etc.) are stipulated in a special order because they have a different means of extracting 3d models.
For example, a complete set of tasks for Frank Woods from COD Black Ops for PC

would have been:
5(3d model «ripping»)+10(uv-coords repairing)+35(t-posing)+45(skinning)=95$
Sample — Frank Woods (t-pose, biped, skin, textures, uv-coordinates) — download
The task would take anywhere from 2 to 8 days.
See the gallery for model samples.

p.s.: the final cost may also depend on the number of necessary bones, the number of polygons, the complexity of the initial posture of the character/object.
It is impossible to rip 3d models from some games, but the number of such games is very small.

8 thoughts on “Offer

  1. Is it possible that you can rip the zombies from Call of Duty: Black Ops just the bloody zombie not the nova 6. I’m wanting it to use in UDK but I don’t know if that will work or not… If it does how much would it be to extract it?

  2. Yo Douchebag, you charge for «repairing UVs» and «Skinning» on models ripped from BlackOps when its already made for you? LOL. Guys, what you need is £D Ripper DX, not a russian stealing douchebag.

  3. Tosyk, you know i’ve always admired and respected your work. You give us well documented tutorials with links to the tools you use so we can do it ourselves. But, as a friend, I HIGHLY recommend you do not attempt to sell these copyrighted works. If *WE* want to do so (at our own peril) you are not responsible. (though telling us how may have it’s own legal ramifications, but I digress) The point is SELLING these assets is way…WAY more dangerous.

    I, for one would like very much for you to continue to help show us how to do it ourselves and not hear you are in prison! (or sued into poverty, or both) Trust me when I tell you I have PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with copyright infringement. You are playing with fire my friend.

  4. I say the same thing that SLI_Fallen . is difficult to deal with copyright , is often better not to take chances with things like this .

    I extract the 3d models for fun and these I published in Facepunch 😀 (in fact I still do)

    I invite you to see my shared folder:

    (is constantly updated)

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