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  1. Некоторые изображения не сразу отличила от фото.Круто,нереально круто.Я со своими мечиками нервно курю в сторонке.

  2. Hello!About the thread http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=9978 where you requested a convertor for p3d.in models.I managed to write a Python 3.3.3 script that converts the BIN files you got from browser cache to OBJ.Model tested is Aphrodite.You can get the script from http://we.tl/9hYkKyvh1Z .You have to edit the script and enter in the last line the filename of the BIN file «convert_me_back(«O3o1g.p3d.r48.bin», «aphro.obj»)
    I could not post a reply on Xentax because I do not have an account, but feel free to publish it as long as you mention me as its creator.

  3. Something I forgot to mention.You have to check manually the BIN file: older format has a signature of 12bytes «Three.js 003» in the header, newer format doesn’t have it.The script is made for the older format;to use it on the newer format you have to change the offset from where the reading starts from 12 bytes to 0.
    Thank you for the tip about the browser cache.An easier way to get the WebGL models would be GL Intercept 1.2 + OGLE.I managed to log all the calls made by Firefox, and got the textures and shaders.But OGLE has to be updated (version 0.3 is not working with GL Intercept 1.2) in order to dump the geometry as OBJ.The source is still available if any of the advanced programmers from Xentax is willing to take a look.

  4. some of the models has «Three.js 003@» header, and converted with errors, also some heavy models seems won’t to convert

  5. The only model I converted was http://p3d.in/O3o1g (Aphrodite pose 004 15K) and worked well.I haven’t tested it on other models.What kind of errors?Holes in the mesh?Screwed faces?Damaged uv?Python errors?The script is written for Python 3.3.3 (I use x86 version).

  6. Please give me a few examples of meshes that won’t convert correctly and I’ll update the script if possible.

  7. I did look into sketchfab format but I’m not tempted to write a script for it because it may take quite some time. There is a faster and hackyer method that I think can be applied: before the page is loaded, inject additional code in javascript sources to write geometry directly to obj files.
    I successfully used this method to extract models from http://zygotebody.com . If you are interested maybe I’ll post details later.

  8. Hi:

    Nice program men, yo don’t know all the time this program has help me to study. But I have a question is there a way to save the model after the shader processes, like command or something. Thanks in advance for your time.

    Also if you are thinking in a more recent release please include the post-shader and pre-shader mode of capture.

    Thanks Again Shinigami Out…

  9. a very fine day to you ‘Mihai The Big Angry Orc’

    I do hope that you are well. I stumbled across your post detailing how to export .obj from http://www.zygotebody.com.

    I am a medical student and could dearly do with these models however, the purchase cost from their site is ridiculously expsensive, especially for a student.

    so if you or indeed anyone on this site can help me at all in obtaining the .obj files for the male/female .obj from zygote I would be immensely grateful and might even be able to provide a small monetary dontation if your help if useful.

    with regards and thanks

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