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Ninja Ripper and Web Ripping

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This article describes how to "rip" 3d models, shaders and textures out of the web browser (Firefox, Chrome and Opera 32/64 bit versions) using directx 9 and import ripped models/textures into 3DS Max.

Note: The article is designed for expirienced 3ds Max users and doesn't cover detail things such as, for example, texturing objects, setting up materials, etc.

Disclaimer: please be wise, respect artist hard work and use any ripped model (artwork) ONLY in educational purposes. Delete ripped model (artwork) after studied it. DO NOT use any ripped model (artwork) in commercial purpose, to sell it or within your work in any type or kind.


For the conversion process, we need the following tools:

  • 3ds Max (I'm using 2009 х86) should work on versions 2009+
  • Ninja Ripper v1.6.0 (ripper itself) Author: blackninja [page]
  • GIMS Evo Importer (3ds max import script) Author: 3Doomer [page]
  • Firefox (web browser) Author: Mozila [page]
  • Chrome (web browser) Author: Google [page]
  • Opera (web browser) Author: Opera Software [page]
  • [not necessarily] ninja_importer v1.3 (3ds max script) Author: blackninja [download]
  • [not necessarily] Noesis v4+ (3d model viewer/converter) Author: Rich W. [page]
  • [not necessarily] Blender v2.49b (3d modeling software) Author: Blender Foundation [download]

The only tested browsers is Firefox (ver. 47 and 51)Chrome (ver. 56) and Opera (ver. 43, x64). It may not work on all other browsers. Used specs: Windows 7 x64, GeForce GTX 970 (also GTX 660).

1. run Ninja Ripper;

2. choose Intruder Inject (for some cases you may use D3D9 wrapper mode);

3. set path to firefox.exe (chrome.exe or opera.exe):

Note: you should't rip in Program Files (x86) or Program Files folders because Windows may block privilege for these folders. Also you can choose Output Directory not on system drive (C:\) but on D or else.

4. set Settings/Forced button to F4 (or any other button wich browser doesn't use) also set Forced Rip Interval (sec) to 5-10 (defaul is 3 sec). In case of Opera you might increase this interval up to 20 sec.:

5. run browser .exe with Ninja Ripper (mode: Intruder Inject);

6. open website and page you want to rip:


7. wait until webpage load completely;

8. tap on the model view (or you may click on the model itself) and then tap F4 (Forced) to start ripping process:

  • models will be saved along with the textures. Models can be duplicated multiple times due to the type of rip (forced, on interval). Look at the window below, it's clear there's a file size pattern by which you can determine usefull files. In this case these files are in between file and file

  • search through the rip files by size for size pattern;
  • identify the file after which the group begins to repeat;
  • see image above for example. First 29 files it's a group you looking for;
  • copy first group of the files to another folder along with the textures for convenience' sake;

9. load rip files into 3ds max with uv pair: 3-4 (with old importer only). The new - GIMS Evo - importer will load all the available UVs in to different UV channels of the model:


10. each object consists of 2 meshes [fair for sketchfab]: main (most of the polygons - fliped for most of the time) and secondary (some randome triangles):


  • main object polygons need to be inverted;
  • sometimes UV need to be inverted;
  • is almost every time meshes are randomly placed after import into 3ds max scene but could be fit to each other with Snap tool;

11. to rip another model you have to clear <date>_<time>_<browser_name>.exe folder first,because ripper will not create new folder and will rip into <date>_<time>_<browser_name>.exe folder again mixing models and textures with previous rip results.

12. to import models into 3ds max read this article at section 3. Importing models into 3ds max.

13. the final model with 3ds max shaders:

14. list of websites with 3d models:

  • (scale: 1, uv: 6-7)
  • (scale: ?, uv: 3-4)


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  1. with chrome
    in rip folder have only chrome.exe.log.txt
    don’t have .rip file


  2. For anyone bitching they can’t get this to work properly, let me boil down the common mistakes. (bad reading)

    1. Get Firefox 47.0 x86

    The easies to get, quickly set up and use.

    2. Use the DirecX 9 option only.

    It’s the only option integrated with WebGL ripping.

    3. This article is outdated in certain parts. Sketchfab developers attempted to stop ripping in general. So, after a while a new 3DSMAX scrip has been added to import Sketchfab dumps. (ninja_importerb8_sf)

    Make sure to use the “IMPORT SKETCHFAB” button. First import with the “auto” method then use “manual” for correct UV mapping. But, keep in mind that some models will only have broken UV’s. Some might need UV map correcting. Some other models might require the all ripping key instead of the forced key. And all will have incorrect scaling on different parts as well. Which you will need to fix up yourself.

  3. Dude! where I can find the script you talking about ! : ninja_importerb8_sf


  4. You think that any of the creators from sketchfab or other websites will let it go if you start to steal their work? Certainlly not. Those works are made by sacrificing weeks of work and they are not expensive enough to justify stealing.

  5. marcin, this project made for educational purposes, please DO NOT use it to still others works.

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