Extracting resources from xbox-dvd

Extracting resources from xbox-dvd

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The article described in detail extraction of resources located on xbox drives.
In this article I used the program:

  • Xbox Backup Creator v2.7 (to extract resources from the xbox drive) Author: Redline99 [download] [page]

1. Insert the disc into DVD-drive (or use the image of the game), in my case the game was Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.

2. Run the program Xbox Backup Creator:3. Click on the tab Image Tools, appears:4. Next, click Image Browser: It’s a browser of what is on the disk, there are videos and files (in the Asset folder):5. You can export the entire disk by right-clicking on it, and then Extract:as well as separate folders (or files):6. Videos in *. wmv format (in this case). Playable an ordinary player:

2 thoughts on “Extracting resources from xbox-dvd

  1. Thank you for simple explaination of this. I get yelled at when I ask (as a noob) on the 360 forums! However I understand ONLY SOME brands/models of DVD drives will work extracting 360 disks on a PC. (I see you have a pioneer DVR-112D) and I assume this drive works since your using it for your screenshiots 😉

    any other DVD drives you know of that work with xbox creator 2.7?

  2. i expecting questions about dvd drives, you right «ONLY SOME brands/models of DVD drives will work «, but i don’t have information about those dvd drives, maybe in the future I will add such information in this article.
    p.s.: I don’t have this «pioneer DVR-112D» from screenshots, it’s from my old PC, it was very long time ago

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