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Script for 3DS Max version 9 and above. Allows you to automatically restore the texture coordinates of the selected objects. You can convert objects from Mafia 2 in 3ds Max with 3DRipper DX.

How to use:

— import 3dr model into the 3ds max
— run my script in max (small window will shows up)
— select object(s)
— press Repair texture UV
— but you need find and drop-on-objects textures by yourself

Author: Tosyk
Create: 15 august 2010
Title: Mafia 2


5 thoughts on “

  1. Hi All !

    Someone can make a tutorial video about how to add texture on Mafia 2’s objects? like adding texture to Joe…Because i tried to add texture to Joe, but its not working :S iam doing something wrong :S… So, pls, make a video or screenshot tutorial pls….

    Thanks, Psycho

  2. Hi Psycho

    You can just search through the youtube, and found some, i already post such tutorial some where here (from youtube).

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