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Mafia 2 3DS Max UV Helper Script

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Скрипт для 3ds Max версии 9 и выше. Позволяет автоматически восстановить текстурные координаты у выбранных объектов. Конвертировать объекты из Мафии 2 в 3ds Max можно с помощью 3DRipper DX.

Как использовать:

- открыть скрипт в 3ds Max командой Run Script
- выделить объект (или несколько объектов)
- нажать на кнопку Repair texture UV.

Автор: Tosyk
Дата создания: 15 августа 2010
Игра: Mafia 2


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  1. Спасибо большое!!! 😀

  2. 3D Ripper DX not working on 64bit windows ??? OMG

  3. What do you mean not working? What a you doing?

  4. Its working but still i have problems with textures, always i import model in .dae but without textures 🙁 Im beginer in 3D max

  5. You should put the textures on objects by your self, because not all games supporting auto-applying of textures when you import *.3dr file. Why you using 3dripper on mafia2?

  6. But i not use 3d ripper buti extract model from game and open in max, and textures i extract with sds extractor in same folder and max dont load i need small tutorial how open model with loaded textures

  7. Like i said «You should put the textures on objects by your self»!!

    1 — open 3ds max
    2 — open material editor (Rendering -> Material Editor)
    3 — drag-n-drop any texture files (*.dds) from explorer to any sphere in mat. editor
    4 — drag-n-drop sphere from mat. editor to any object into the scene (3ds max viewport)

    or you can look at this tutorial

  8. OH its easy thanks lot 🙂

  9. I need to know which textures are used within each Dae

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